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(NEW) 400 Whelen.

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(NEW) 400 Whelen.


400 Whelen. Quantity 20. Original G&H design.

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400 Whelen. Quantity 20. Original G&H design.

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AmmunitionArtifacts is proud to the offer the legendary 400 Whelen. Named after Colonel Townsend Whelen, the 400 Whelen was once the premier caliber for hunting dangerous game in North America. Our professional trained staff developed our version by closely following the original drawings of Griffin & Howe to reproduce this difficult case. Our version is based on a necked up 30/06 Springfield. Both RCBS and CH4D forming dies were used during our conversion. Each ammunition case is hand-formed, twice annealed, trimmed to length, and tumble polished. Our staff hand every casing to ensure the customer receive the highest quality product. SHOP NOW!

NOTE: This case will only fit the Original Griffin & Howe style and not current variations


We strive to manufacture this product as close to original specifications as possible. Sometimes, however, this is not always possible due to the availability of modern brass. If you need specific dimensions, please contact us prior to making your purchase.


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