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  • (NEW) 11x53R Belgian Comblain M71

(NEW) 11x53R Belgian Comblain M71

Copy of 11x53R Belgian Comblain M71

(NEW) 11x53R Belgian Comblain M71


11x53R Belgian Comblain M71. Quantity 20.

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11x53R Belgian Comblain M71. Quantity 20.

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The 11x53R Belgian Comblain is a unique cartridge. It differs from other Comblains, such as the Belgian Albini Comblain, and Chilean and Brazilian variant. Our professional staff formed our reproduction from Mag-tech 32 Gage Brass Shot-shells over Starline 50/110 because of its large size rim diameter. A set of four reloading dies were needed to mold the neck and shoulder into the unique Combain shape. In forming this casing, our staff consulted the specifications given in both George Hoyem’s History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition and Datig’s Cartridge for Collectors. This case takes a .439 cast bullet. All casings are individually hand-formed, twice annealed, trimmed to size, and tumble polished. Each ammunition case was inspected by our staff to ensure the highest quality product.



We strive to manufacture this product as close to original specifications as possible. Sometimes, however, this is not always possible due to the availability of modern brass. If you need specific dimensions, please contact us prior to making your purchase.

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