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5.7 MM Johnson (22 Spitfire)

Copy of 5.7 MM Johnson (22 Spitfire)

5.7 MM Johnson (22 Spitfire)


5.7 MM Johnson (22 Spitfire). Quantity 50.

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5.7 MM Johnson (22 Spitfire). Quantity 50.

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AmmunitionArtifacts is proud to welcome 5.7MMJohnson to our product line. We successfully reproduced the original specifications of 5.7 MMJohnson. We transformed New Starline 30 Carbine Brass using with our custom wildcat dies. Each ammunition case is individually hand-formed, twice annealed, trimmed to length, and tumbled polish. Our professional staff of reloaders inspect every casing to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality product. There is now no reason not to bring this wonderful carbine back out on the range today!

5.7MM Johnson History

The 5.7 MMJohnson, also called MMJ-5.7mm or 22 Spitfire, was developed in 1963 by Melvin M Johnson as a conversion of the famous US 30 Carbine. It was shortly marketed as a commercial round. As a sporting round, the 5.7 MMJohnson is designed for small or medium game and varmint hunting, according to Barnes.


We strive to manufacture this product as close to original specifications as possible. Sometimes, however, this is not always possible due to the availability of modern brass. If you need specific dimensions, please contact us prior to making your purchase.

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